We recognise that your wealth management needs are increasingly sophisticated.

Whether you are building your wealth, growing your company, or transitioning your assets to the next generation, you want a trusted financial institution that grows with you. With RKG’s global expertise in wealth management of nearly 15 years, we provide you access to our solutions.

As a hallmark of our offering, we provide best-in-class advice and access to global investment solutions based on an open architecture platform. With RKG’s solid international experience and strong understanding of global markets, we are committed to a highly personalised and holistic approach to managing your onshore and offshore wealth management objectives.

Secure your wealth through the long-term bespoke solutions.

Whether you wish to secure the financial future of your loved ones, or seek advice on succession, retirement or relocation, RKG’s dedicated and responsible Wealth Planning team can help you plan for tomorrow by taking action today. Our open architecture and service platform provides in-house and external expertise, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions to suit your

Our investment approach.

Our investment beliefs drive our investment process. Our secular outlook and strategic asset allocation process guides us to help you achieve your long-term investment goals. Having a systematic approach to managing your returns and risk is important to us, to develop the best possible investment strategy to grow your wealth over the long-term.

Wealth Management

Discretionary Mandates

Segregated accounts to benefit from the entire value chain of RKG Asset
Management’s investment approach

Structured Products

Comprehensive range of structures across asset classes

Funds and Alternative Investments

Best-in-class offering with access to top-quality managers (Private Equity Funds /
Hedge Funds / Real Estate Funds/ Bonds / Equity Funds / FX / Shares)

Tailored Solutions

Personalised structuring based on individual investment context and views

Products and Securities Recommendation

Supervision on investments with access to research content and solutions

Liquidity Management

Cash capabilities (Cash Management / Money Market / Yield Enhancement

Wealth Planning

Preserving and Growing Your Wealth

Holistic, in-depth advice from experts and bespoke solutions for every stage of your life cycle